Monday, July 14, 2014

Two Gym

Thinking about getting back in the gym?

Well, before you get back to your intense calorie burning muscle building fat shredding workout out routine, take two of these questions. Why? & How?

Everyone gets excited when they decide on starting a new workout routine, program, training, or DVD. This excitement creates a huge boost in motivation and individuals dive right into their freshly reinvigorated lifestyle and passion for exercising. There is a slight change in diet, you never miss a day, you weigh yourself each morning, and you spend couple of hundred on protein bars, shakes, plus new workout gear. Then, after a few months, you come to halt. You start missing a few days and eventually miss a year.

This is the story for millions of people.  Everyone knows why they should go to the gym. You go for the health benefits. Why workout? That isn't the question. The question is: Why did you stop?

Two Common reason people stop:
--Too Busy: You just have too many obligations. Your plate is full.
--Too Hard: You feel extremely tired, beat, drained. You need a break.

Whatever your reason for stopping is, you stopped. 

So, before you actually get back in the gym.  The question is. How can you avoid the roadblock you ran into before?  If you’re too busy, make your workouts shorter and less time consuming.  Try working out 2 or 3 times a week to start.  If you feel overworked and drained, make your workout a little lighter. You don't have to make every workout intense for it to be effective.

Go ahead and get back in the gym! 

Just take these two questions. Why & How?