Saturday, August 30, 2014

Too Plan (For all College Students)

Has your fall semester started yet?

Most likely it did, or it will start within the next week or so.  You've purchased your books  and put your “focus” hats on so you can get ready to blast through those classes with A’s and B’s.  Agree?  At least that’s what everyone’s goal seems to be. You should always try to pass each test and quiz with an A. But in addition to that, you should do one more thing: plan your moves too!

Often times, students overlook the many resources offered at their college or university. Which is understandable as the workload can get very demanding at times.  But as a student, you are going to school for a reason. In most cases, that reason is to start a prosperous career upon graduation. Right? You want to get that job you always wanted.
Well, before you know it, you will be walking across that stage on graduation day. Time will pass quickly so you should plan and find resources to help you find a job within your desired career path; college is your first check point.

Every college or university offers different resources.  But there are two resources that I recommend you to take advantage of ASAP.

1)      Career Office

I bet there’s a career advisor somewhere on campus. Guess who they're there for? You! You should plan to stop by that office on your own, the earlier the better. They can help you with everything from resumes, interview skills, job searching, internships, to volunteering. An advisor will let you know about all the career fairs, events, and activities you should know about. Planning this out will get you one step closer to being ready on graduation day.

2)      Clubs or Committees

No matter what your desired career path may be, you should be able to find a related club or committee on campus. It’s something you can partake in to develop more knowledge and skills for your career. You will also be able find other students with similar goals and career choices. They can be your support system throughout your undergrad years as they will take the same classes you will take.  

 If there isn't club a committee for you, start one of your own.  This can be your opportunity to gain some leadership skills. Staff and faculty can help you get started. Ask around and see!

Go ahead and knock out this semester. Study hard, focus, and get those A’s!
Just Remember: Plan Too!

What other resources should you plan to take advantage of?
Let me know your thoughts and comment below.

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